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North Shreveport

Branch History
The 1992-93 planning process indicated that one of the underserved areas in the Library’s service area was North Shreveport.  A completely new branch for this area was planned and was funded by the 1996 capital tax issue.  The building was designed by Mark Prevot and Niall Whatley of Alliance Architects.  This building opened to the public on June 29, 2003.  It is 8,500 square feet in size and is located at 4844 North Market Street.  The building was designed to be reminiscent of farm buildings and the children’s area continues the barn theme with corrugated metal siding and a “hayloft” tower.  The total cost was $1,997,524.


  1. North Shreveport Meeting Room

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  2. North Shreveport Tech Center

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