Summer Reading Program 2023

SRP 2023

All Together Now at Shreve Memorial Library

Register for the 2023 Summer reading program here. During the Summer Reading program, we have tons of special performances this year. See the schedule below.

Walter B. Jacobs Memoriał Naturę Park

In this program, children will learn some interesting facts about native animals of Louisiana and will meet a live Eastern Screech Owl, a Western Hog Nose Snake, and a Three-Toed Box Turtle.

  • North Caddo Branch: Tuesday, June 6th @ 10:30am
  • Blanchard Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 3pm
  • Belcher Branch: Tuesday, June 13th @ 2pm
  • Wallette Branch: Thursday, June 15th @ 10am
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Thursday, June 22nd @ 2:30pm
  • Oil City Branch: Tuesday, July 11th @ 2pm
  • Rodessa Branch: Wednesday, July 12th @ 2pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, July 18th @ 10:30am
  • Means Branch: Friday, July 21st @ 2pm
  • Gilliam Branch: Tuesday, July 25th @ 1pm
  • Hosston Branch: Wednesday, July 26th @ 3pm

Steve’s Snaketuary

Steve's Snaketuary will be here to help you get rid of your fear of snakes, by educating you on the importance of snakes and showing how fascinating and magnificent they can be. This program aims to eliminate fear, and you will love meeting their live snake ambassadors.

  • David Raines Branch: June 5th @ 10am
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: June 1st @ 2pm
  • Atkins Branch: July 7th @ 10am
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: June 9th @ 3pm
  • Mooretown Branch: June 10th @ 12pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: June 16th @ 10am
  • West Shreveport Branch: July 3rd @ 4:30pm
  • Blanchard Branch: July 19th @ 3pm
  • Higginbotham-Bryson Branch: July 14th @ 10am
  • Broadmoor Branch: July 8th @ 4pm

Michael Futreal Music

Michael Futreal of the trio Twang Darkly will perform and speak on his musical influences and instruments in "Appalachian Music of Future Days and Distant Past.

  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Monday, June 12th @ 3pm
  • North Caddo Branch: Wednesday, June 14th @ 11:30am
  • Blanchard Branch: Thursday, June 15th @ 1pm
  • Belcher Branch: Thursday, June 15th @ 4pm
  • Means Branch: Friday, June 16th @ 2:30pm

Buddy Flett

Local music legend, Buddy Flett, will play, sing and reminisce about his music and career in this series of performances at various SML Branches.

  • North Shreveport Branch: Monday, June 12th @ 12pm
  • West Shreveport Branch: Thursday, June 22nd @ 1pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Friday, June 23rd @ 12pm
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Monday, July 10th @ 12pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Friday, July 14th @ 12pm

Design and Create Stickers with Cricut

Teens will design and create their own sticker designs using Cricut.

  • Atkins Branch: Thursday, June 1st @ 3pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Monday, June 5th @ 4pm
  • Wallette Branch: Monday, June 12th @ 4pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Tuesday, June 13th @ 4:30pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Wednesday, June 14th @ 3pm
  • North Caddo Branch: Tuesday, June 20th @ 2pm
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: Tuesday, June 27th @ 4:30pm
  • Hosston Branch: Wednesday, June 28th @ 1pm
  • Belcher Branch: Friday, June 30th @ 2pm

No Cook Salsas

Mix it all together now! Adults are invited to learn how to make no cook salsas with retired head chef Jacquelyn Caskey.

  • Broadmoor Branch: Monday, June 5th @ 5:30pm
  • Oil City Branch: Tuesday, June 13th @ 2pm
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch:Thursday, June 15th @ 12:30pm
  • Wallette Branch: Monday, June 26th @ 11am
  • North Shreveport Branch: Thursday, June 29th @ 10am

Ladychops: Drum Roll Please

Ladychops "Drum Roll Please" is energetic, interactive and fun for all ages as she incorporates over 15 different instruments including buckets, body percussion and the Cajun rub-board.

  • Wallette Branch: Monday, July 3rd @ 10am
  • North Shreveport Branch: Monday, July 3rd @ 4pm
  • North Caddo Branch: Friday, July 7th @ 10:30am
  • Means Branch: Friday, July 7th @ 2pm
  • Atkins Branch: Saturday, July 8th @ 10am
  • David Raines Branch: Saturday, July 8th @ 2pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Saturday, July 29th @ 12pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Saturday, July 29th @ 3pm

Adult Friendship Bracelets With Christena Francis

Jewelry maker, Christena Francis, will teach adults how to create custom beaded friendship bracelets and celebrate being ‘All Together Now.'

  • North Caddo Branch: Thursday, June 8th @ 10am
  • Blanchard Branch: Friday, June 9th @ 1pm
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Monday, June 12th @ 11am
  • West Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 13th @ 11am
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: Thursday, June 29th @ 12:30pm
  • Atkins Branch: Tuesday, July 11th @ 10am
  • North Shreveport Branch: Thursday, July 13th @ 10am
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Friday, July 14th @ 3pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Saturday, July 15th @ 1pm
  • David Raines Branch: Monday, July 17th @ 11am

Cricut Custom Tote Bag

Adults will design and create a custom tote bag using the Cricut Maker.

  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Monday, June 5th @ 11am
  • Mooretown Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 5pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Thursday, June 8th @ 10am
  • Wallette Branch: Friday, June 9th @ 11am
  • Atkins Branch: Monday, June 12th @ 10am
  • North Caddo Branch: Thursday, June 15th @ 10am
  • Hosston Branch: Friday, June 16th @ 2pm
  • West Shreveport Branch: Wednesday, June 21 @ 12:30PM
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: Thursday, June 22nd @ 12:30pm
  • David Raines Branch: Thursday, June 29th @ 2pm

DAT Does the Trick

Join us for a fun magic show with DAT does the Trick. Dat is back with new magic tricks and balloon animals!

  • Wallette Branch: Thursday, June 8th @ 10am
  • Mooringsport Branch: Thursday, June 8th @ 1pm
  • Means Branch: Friday, June 9th @ 2pm
  • Gilliam Branch: Tuesday, June 13th @ 1pm
  • Hosston Branch: Wednesday, June 14th @ 3pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Thursday, June 15th @ 2:30pm
  • Higginbotham Bryson Branch: Friday, June 16th @ 10am
  • Oil City Branch: Tuesday, June 20th @ 2pm
  • West Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 27th @ 2pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Wednesday, June 28th @ 4pm

Wire Art With Jay Marks

Join us for a fun teen and tween program as artist Jay Marks (Little Wire Bird) teaches about wire sculpture!

  • North Caddo Branch: Monday, June 5th @ 4pm
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Tuesday, June 6th @ 4:30pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 4:30pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Tuesday, June 20th @ 4:30pm
  • Atkins Branch: Wednesday, June 21st @ 2pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Friday, June 23rd @ 3:30pm
  • Wallette Branch: Wednesday, June 28th @ 2pm
  • David Raines Branch: Monday, July 10th @ 4:30pm

Haiku: Craft, Community, and Common Ground

Adults are invited to a Haiku: Craft, Community and Common Ground, a Haiku Workshop with June Dows. June Dows has published over 100 Haiku in 25 publications. She is the South Region Coordinator of the Haiku Society of America. Each participant will receive their own poetry journal.

  • Broadmoor Branch: Saturday, June 10th @ 12:30pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Friday, June 16th @ 4:30pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Saturday, June 24th @ 11am
  • Belcher-Wyche Branch: Friday, July 14th @ 3pm
  • Atkins Branch: Friday, July 21st @ 3pm

Frank and Tammy's Magic Puppet Show

Frank and Tammy have been making children laugh for over 25 years. Join them for a family-friendly magic and puppet show!

  • North Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 20th @ 10:30am
  • Belcher-Wyche Branch: Tuesday, June 20th @ 4pm
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: Wednesday, June 21st @ 10am
  • Rodessa Branch: Wednesday, June 21st @ 2pm
  • David Raines Branch: Thursday, June 22nd @ 10am
  • Oil City Branch: Thursday, June 22nd @ 2pm
  • North Caddo Branch: Friday, June 23rd @ 10:30am
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Friday, June 23rd @ 3pm

SAY W.H.A.T (Working Hard All Together) Now!

This interactive program features a live Saxophonist, Drums, Step-Dancing, & Street Dance. It will showcase the importance and positive impact of coming together to work hard to accomplish goals.

  • West Shreveport Branch: Monday, June 5th @ 4:30pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 6th @ 10:30am
  • West Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 6th @ 2pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Tuesday, June 6th @ 4:30pm
  • Atkins Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 10am
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 2pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 4:30pm

Art with Eric Francis

Teens are invited to a painting workshop "All Together Now" with local artist, Eric Francis.

  • Broadmoor Branch: Tuesday, June 6th @ 4:30pm
  • Atkins Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 3pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Friday, June 9th @ 3:30pm
  • David Raines Branch: Monday, June 12th @ 4:30pm
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: Tuesday, June 13th @ 4:30pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Thursday, June 15th @ 3pm
  • West Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 20th @ 4:30pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Wednesday, June 21st @ 4:30pm
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Tuesday, July 25th @ 4:30pm

Louisiana Painting with Karen LaBeau

Local artist, Karen LaBeau, will teach adults how to paint Louisiana themed art-work.

  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Wednesday, June 14th @ 3pm
  • Belcher-Wyche Branch: Friday, June 16th @ 2pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Wednesday, June 21st @ 5pm
  • Mooringsport Branch: Friday, June 23rd @ 1pm
  • West Shreveport Branch: Tuesday, June 27th @ 11am
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Friday, July 14th @ 11am
  • Wallette Branch: Monday, July 17th @ 11am
  • Broadmoor Branch: Tuesday, July 18th @ 5:30pm
  • North Caddo Branch: Friday, July 28th @ 10am

Upcycled Art Sculptures With Sanctuary Glass Studio

Teens are invited to create upcycled art sculptures with Sanctuary Glass Studio. Learn how to make a masterpiece using upcycled art supplies.

  • West Shreveport Branch: Wednesday, June 7th @ 2pm
  • Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch: Thursday, June 8th @ 2pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Friday, June 9th @ 3:30pm
  • Wallette Branch: Wednesday, June 14th @ 10am
  • David Raines Branch: Wednesday, June 21st @ 4pm
  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Thursday, June 29th @ 3pm

Alan Dyson Music

Alan Dyson is an American singer/songwriter and multidisciplinary artist. Presenting "Together / Not Together" - original songs written with esteemed and ignoble collaborators.

  • Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch: Friday, June 2nd @ 4pm
  • Wallette Branch: Saturday, June 3rd @ 4pm
  • Hamilton/South Caddo Branch: Friday, June 9th @ 4pm
  • Atkins Branch: Saturday, June 10th @ 4pm
  • West Shreveport Branch: Friday, June 16th @ 4pm
  • North Shreveport Branch: Saturday, June 24th @ 4pm
  • David Raines Branch: Friday, July 14th @ 4pm
  • North Caddo Branch: Friday, July 21st @ 4pm
  • Broadmoor Branch: Saturday, July 22nd @ 4pm
  • Mooretown Branch: Saturday, July 29th @ 4pm