What about privacy concerns?
Article I, Section 5 of the Louisiana Constitution establishes the right to privacy so that persons are protected, not from all invasions of privacy, but only from “unreasonable” invasions of privacy. There are no legislative provisions that specifically define the parameters of this basic right, leaving that determination to the courts when the expectation of privacy is used to limit the right to inspect public records.

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1. What are public records?
2. Is there a constitutional right to view public records?
3. Who is responsible for making public records available to the public?
4. How long must records be kept?
5. Is there information of public bodies that cannot be accessed by the public?
6. What about privacy concerns?
7. Are there limitations on who may examine the records?
8. What information will I be required to give in order to gain access to the public records?
9. Why must I include contact information when submitting a Public Records Request?
10. What information should I include in the description of requested records?
11. When can I inspect the documents?
12. How much does it cost?
13. What if the record contains both public and private information?
14. What can I do if there is a violation?
15. What are my rights?