Strategic Plan

Shreve Memorial Library Strategic Plan

In January 2017, Shreve Memorial Library began a strategic planning process to define the vision for our library, identify community needs and develop a strategic plan to focus on five key library service responses.

In order to determine Shreve Memorial Library's future, it was important to access where we are now. A peer comparison of Shreve Memorial Library and eight other public library institutions in Louisiana and the southern region examined standard data collected from library systems and showed that:

  • Shreve Memorial Library ranks high in staff, materials, programming, reference and revenue per capita when compared to our peers.
  • Shreve Memorial Library is on par with peers in registered borrowers, visits, circulation and program attendance per capita and in programs per staff.
  • While circulation per capita was on par with peers, our circulation numbers were in the lower range and could be improved upon. For this reason, it was not surprising that Shreve Memorial Library's staff per 1,000 circulations ranked very low when compared with our peers.
Shreve Memorial Library Strategic Plan

Based on these standard measures, Shreve Memorial Library is delivering the essential services of libraries, but it was important to see if these services were meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Where do we rank among our peers? You can find out more in our Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

Our Mission

  • Shreve Memorial Library transforms Caddo Parish lives with resources, services and support to create a better world.

Our Vision

  • Dream. Discover. Do. Shreve Memorial Library and You.

Our Values = SERVICE

  • Support - Shreve Memorial Library staff work together to accomplish library goals, and these goals in turn support our community as it fulfills its dreams.
  • Empowerment - Knowledge is power. Shreve Memorial Library finds, organizes, and makes that knowledge accessible to everyone.
  • Resources - Beach read for relaxation? Technology to bridge the digital divide? Photocopy of census records from the1880s? Shreve Memorial Library provides what patrons need when they need it.
  • Vision - Shreve Memorial Library's programs and materials furnish a clear vision of the future and an unobstructed view of the past.
  • Innovation - Shreve Memorial Library seeks both to use innovative practices and to encourage the innovative spirit in our patrons.
  • Customer Satisfaction - The most important measure of Shreve Memorial Library's success is the favorable opinion of our patrons.
  • Ethics - Shreve Memorial Library strives to be an organization that both embodies the best ethical practices and assists patrons in making sound ethical choices in a complicated world.