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  1. Business Card Order Form
  2. Cataloging Supply Request Form

    Use this form for book tape, barcodes, and RFID tags

  3. Friends' Boxes for Pick-Up
  4. IT Supply Request Form

    Use this form for HP toner cartridges, staff thumb drives, receipt paper, mice, mousepads, and surge protectors.

  5. Program Evaluation Form

    Use this form to report attendance and feedback for your programs.

  6. Staff Concern for Juvenile & YA materials

    SML staff should use this form to alert Acquisitions about items that may need to be moved from Juvenile and YA collections to comply... More…

  7. Training Needs Survey

    Purpose: To identify training needs and prioritize future professional development.

  8. Training Sign-Up Form

    Register here for upcoming training.

  1. Cataloging Issue Reporting Form

    Use this form to report Cataloging issues to the Cataloging Department.

  2. Equipment Request Form

    Branch managers can use this form to request equipment costing more than $500.

  3. General Supply Request Form

    Use this form for all other supplies, including library cards.

  4. Janitorial Supply Request Form
  5. Program Supply Request Form

    Use this form for supplies that will be specifically used for library programs

  6. Suggestions for Purchase Form
  7. Training Reporting Form

    Form to use to report training to administration