Mooretown Branch

Branch History

The original developer of Mooretown was Giles D. Moore, known as “Colonel Moore,” a Shreveport schoolteacher who began acquiring real estate in 1898. Moore’s Town, as Mooretown was originally known, was established as a community that was built and run entirely for and by black people. At the time of his death, Mr. Moore owned nearly a quarter of the properties located in Mooretown.
In 1989, Mooretown resident Barbara Norton and other members of the community asked the Shreve Memorial Library Board of Control to provide library service in the area beyond the existing bookmobile stops. Seizing the opportunity, the library partnered with Shreveport Parks and Recreation (SPAR) to establish a library room within the Airport Park Recreation Center located at 6500 Kennedy Drive. Shreve Memorial Library provided in-kind advice and support, SPAR covered the cost of the part-time library manager, and books were donated by the public through a book drive spearheaded by Mrs. Norton. The demand for library services continued to grow, and the library’s 1992-1993 planning process determined that a full-time branch would be established in the area.

Funded by the 1996 capital tax issue, the new Mooretown Branch Library opened to the public on September 28, 2003, under the leadership of Branch Manager Rose Davis. The site was obtained through a long-term lease from the City of Shreveport. Construction costs were $1,888,460 for the 8,500 square foot facility, which was designed by Byron J. Stewart and Mischa Farrell. A pedestrian bridge over a large drainage ditch was also constructed by the library to facilitate access to citizens on the north side of the branch. The most dramatic feature of the branch is the large ceramic tile mural over the circulation desk, which depicts the history of the Mooretown community. Design of the mural was coordinated by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC), and includes the work of Marcus Akinlana, Walter Washington, and Patrick Marshall.

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